I purchased the BlueAnt T1 Bluetooth ear piece finally and wanted to give it a try. Originally I planned on just buying a cheap $20 piece, but opted for a higher end device. I wanted to use it for listening to music while I work and do other tasks, ultimately I wanted to be able to easily switch between my PC and phone.

The BlueAnt T1 supports connecting to 2 phones, I was able to pair it with both my PC and phone. While listening to music on my PC through the Bluetooth, a call would be announced and lowered the volume so I can take the call.

Since this was my first Bluetooth device I didn’t know what to expect out of the battery, I listened to music all day starting about 7AM through 3:30PM and then got an alert that the battery was very low. Seems like a good time, but not very practical for my purpose.

Sound quality was very good, I used it at my desk as well as in the car with my windows open with out any problems. If a call came it, the call was announced through the earpiece (attempting to tell me the name of the caller) and I simple spoke the words “answer” or “ignore”. Overall, the BlueAnt T1 is a very nice device, which  I would expect at a price of $80.

But, for me personally I didn’t feel there was enough beneficial value to justify the cost. I returned the device for a full refund at Radio Shack without any problems. I do not plan on buying another Bluetooth, I am just as confortable holding the phone to my face or putting the call on speaker phone.