My experience and thoughts on the iPad

My experience and thoughts on the iPad

Having owned an iPad (the original) for several months now, I wanted to provide my opinion of it for others. First, I purchased the 32 gig model with 3G access and activated the 3G immediately so I could have access anywhere there was 3G coverage.


There are so many nice features about it I can’t even start. But I will run through some of the basis that I found beneficial, such as the amount of applications “apps” that are available.

Some of my goals of purchasing an iPad where:

  • Compact note taking that syncs to a Windows and web based application
  • Convenient way of maintaining email communications
  • Interactive educational environment for my children
  • Convenient way of viewing online photos & videos
  • Compact web browsing & using web apps

Above all the iPad is a game changer, it is an amazing piece of technology. The size is perfect, you can easily carrying it around, it’s the perfect size to just have with you. The battery is very long lasting, I used it all day and would just plug it in before I go to bed at night. Never ran out of battery on it.

We also loaded movies put on it from iTunes and used it for traveling so my children could watch movies while we drive.Of course, email is perfect, a larger screen that a phone makes reading and replying to emails a breeze, I connected it to my corporate email as well as my personal email on GMail and other services without any issues.I installed the free app EvernNote on the iPad and on my PC and note taking is accomplished, no more taking my laptop with me to meetings.

Using online services like Facebook, Twitter and SmugMug was nice for viewing what was online. The photos and video came in crystal clear. But, in my opinion posting messages and really interacting on Facebook was cumbersome when using the web app. The Facebook applications where nice, but no where near the web app.

Web apps is where the iPad falls short I feel, without flash it leaves you wanting more. There where many times that I had to switch to my PC just to work on web applications. This was the largest downside to the iPad that I discovered, so much so that I end up using my PC more than the iPad. I keep the iPad handy for traveling using the 3G service to stay connected or I just tether my phone to a PC.

Overall, I liked the iPad the price is still a bit high and it needs to come down and it needs to have flash capabilities to really make it a viable solution for many cases. Would I buy it again, probably, but I would really wait for a better price.

I hope this was helpful, my kids love the iPad and like I said it will be traveling with us still. Just don’t ever think of it as a computer replacement, it compliments a computer definitely.

Using Windows Live Writer with WordPress

Using Windows Live Writer with WordPress

I am using Microsoft Windows Live Writer to write the content that is appearing and will appear on This will allow me to work on post offline in a familiar Microsoft Word editor.

In this post I will explain how to configure Windows Live Writer 2011 to connect to a WordPress site.

First you must download Windows Live Writer at, this is part of the Windows Live Essentials 2011.

Once you download Live Writer and launch it you will be presented with a wizard that will walk you through connecting Live Writer to your Blog. Below are the screen shots that I encountered as I configured Live Writer to connect to



Select “WordPress” as displayed above.


Enter the full URL of your blog, username and password.



I selected yes above so I can preview my blog post in Live Writer.


Enter a friendly name for your blog.

If you ever need to change information you can easily navigate to the “Blog Account” menu and select “Blog options”.


The window below will be displayed and allow you to edit your blog settings.


East Coast Earthquake, did you evacuate?

Having experienced the first earthquake in my life and the first felt in Pittsburgh in over a century, I am rethinking are reactions.

Walking back to my office and seeing a coworker concerned and asking if anyone else felt the earthquake. A 5.8 at the epicenter in Virginia, an earthquake hasn’t occurred at this size on the East Coast in 114 years.

I was in an office building in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, downtown Pittsburgh evacuated buildings and some in the South Hills. My afterthoughts now, should we have evacuated? Many of us talked about it at the office but didn’t leave the building, was this the right thing to do? Are we to focused on work and not on safety procedures? I am not being critical of anyone, just rethinking if what I did was correct. I would love to have a discussion about this and see what others on the East Coast feel about this.

My first Earthquake in Pittsburgh

Today in Pittsburgh was the first Earthquake that I been through, but I didn’t feel it. A coworker felt it and looked very shocked and concerned. I was not sure what was going on and was continuing with my work, but had to check the the social media networks to see what was going on. It took some time and then the news media started to report, glad we have social media to get information around.

To read details look at:

5.9 magnitude quake rattles Pittsburgh.

Did Anyone Else Just Feel That Earthquake?

Facebook and Twitter where alive with chatter regarding the earthquake and checking if anyone else felt anything.

Welcome ….

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