Well, I know I am NOT the 1%, I am a parent. A father and very proud of it, I am amazed at how much homework my 2nd grader comes home with while my 4th grader hardly gets any. My wife and I take turns helping and splitting the workload depending on what homework they have.

Today I was helping my 2nd grader learn about maps and had her create a map of our cottage. It was a fun assignment and tiring after their gymnastics class. But, that is my life and I LOVE it! I am a parent and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My 4th grader received her flute today and is excited about learning to play it. Practice makes perfect and the practice is going to be fun as she learns the notes. I am a parent and I am so excited to see her excited.

My life centers around being a parent and I love that about my life. Family is the most important thing to me and being a parent brings joy to me, even went it frustrates me.

After all, I am a parent and proud of it.