I am very grateful, and I after reading the blog quoted and linked below I felt I should take some time and write about why I am grateful.

Over at my own blog about pursuing happiness, I do a weekly post about the things that make me happy. It’s a gratitude ritual that reminds me to stay on the look out for the positive moments in life, as well as a gentle reminder to readers to look on the bright side regularly. While your children probably don’t have a blog, developing a gratitude practice can encourage a positive attitude and keep the entire family in better spirits. Of course, we’re all busy and the idea of introducing another routine into your household may make you twitch. Good news – being thankful doesn’t take much time! How can you make gratitude a regular part of your busy life? Try one of these habitual appreciation tricks.


As anyone who reads my blog can tell I am very grateful for my family, my children and wife as well as my parents and in-laws and sister and sister-in-law. I have been blessed with a wonderful family and had the luck of marrying into another wonderful family.

We may have our problems, everyone does, but once but I do strongly believe that obstacles make you stronger and form who you are. I know people who are much worse off than I am, my family has dealt with issues that other families have not had to experience, but we have also not experienced circumstances that others have had to deal with.

I have also been blessed with a great career and the talent to succeed. Like the post referenced take some time and reflect on what you are grateful for, to me is a healthy exercise and something that I would like to teach my children to do on a regular basis.

Thanks for the post Miss Britt!