Loved Disney World

Loved Disney World

My girls loved Disney World, they had so much fun. It is really a magically place and my family wants to go backs again.

My wife and I never really believed how much fun it would be, but shortly after we felt like kids having a great time. Disney World is a vacation worth saving for and feeling the dreams of imagination and happiness.

We made this vacation into an adventure by having a road trip from Pittsburgh to Orlando with stops along the way.

I have to say taking a 7 and 9 year old for a 1,000 mile road trip that spanned 16 hours of driving went very well. My girls handled the trip fabulously and my wife and I are where very proud of them. But, both Savannah and Gianna said they don’t want to do the drive again unless we have an RV!

I have many, many pictures and will write some more posts as about the pictures here, please check back or subscribe.