Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on all things that you are grateful for, I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. My family has been there through thick and thin, we have had some bad times but always  stick together. 
My wife is my partner and best friend, we face things together and have complete trust in one another. I am so lucky and happy that God brought us together. I have two beautiful and amazing daughters that mean the world to me, I am so proud to be their father. My neice and Goddaughter is like a daughter to me, I learned how much I could love someone when she was born. She prepared me for my daughters and I am proud to see her growing into a beautful and intelligent young lady. My nephew has such a love for nature and seeing how he is commited to his little cousins brings a smile to my face all the time.
My parents have taught me so much and I love how our relationship has evolved into a friendship as adults. I have such respect for both of them and value all of the lessons I have learned from them. I have a wonderful sister who I love dearly and has a heart of gold.
My step-parents came into my life and showed me how our family can grow from something that is sad and turn into something that is joyful. Seeing my parents happy and how my step-parents accepted and became family is amazing. I know they are there for us and we are there for them, I am thankful for each of them.
I am also blessed to have a caring sister-in-law who is like my sister and we enjoy spending time together and helping each other out. I am able to go on trips with her and we all have a good time.
I have also been blessed with great in-laws who are so helpful and caring, I am lucky to have in-laws that have the same strong family values as my family and we instantly bonded. I am proud and honored to call them family.
I could go into so much detail about each of them so many more that I have not mentioned. I am thankful for all of you and pray that you all have a happy and joyful day everyday. 

Family First

Family First

The past few months my Grandma has changed so much, watching her change like this is hard for everyone. She now stays in bed and sleeps most of the time. We all hate seeing her suffer and not being able to do anything. She is under hospice care and has a nurse see her more often.

Seeing the devotion and care my family is showing my Grandmother brings some peace. I hope we are able to help them also, my father and aunts and uncle are doing and have been doing everything to take care of her. They are setting such a wonderful example for us.

I think back to some great times we had, sleeping over her house as a child and walking with her to the local general store to get cookies. Spending time at “The Cottage”, a place her and my Grandfather had for the family to spend time together. Holding her hand and talking to her. Taking my children to see her and seeing her enjoy watching them play.

This year was very tough, we loss several relatives. Through all of this I am reminded that the most important thing in life is family. Family is who will truly be there for you. Family is not just the people related to you, family are the people who are connected to your heart. These are the people you want to keep close, they will be there for in when you need.

I want to always remember to keep family first.

Joy and Sorrow

Joy and Sorrow

We celebrated my daughter’s 8th birthday this weekend and also reflected on my Aunt’s life and battle with cancer. This weekend was busy and filled with different emotions from joy to sorrow.

Joy as my daughter celebrated her birthday and the parties that followed. Sorrow as my wife and I paid respect and reflected about my aunt. Seeing and hearing how horribly cancer affects people not only the person with the disease but those that are close makes you realize what really matters in life.

We have a tradition that we go out to eat on our birthdays and have them sing to us. My daughter wanted to go to Eat N Park which we all enjoy and this was the beginning of her birthday weekend. A wonderful dinner that my Goddaughter joined us for with her boyfriend. We had a present hidden and she loved it!

Visiting the funeral home was sad, someone so young taken away from a caring and loving family. She suffered so long with this destitute disease and her family watched her suffer. Hearing the stories of her life and seeing all that love her there to honor her and her family.

Later that evening my daughter had her friends over for a birthday party, a house filled with 2nd and 4th graders having fun playing and dancing. These sights brought a smile to our faces and we enjoyed a nice evening.

Then, on Sunday was day 3 of her party when our parents and sisters came over to have cake. We had a wonderful time celebrating my daughter’s birthday and kept my aunt and her family in our thoughts.

Rest In Peace Aunt Rose.