We celebrated my daughter’s 8th birthday this weekend and also reflected on my Aunt’s life and battle with cancer. This weekend was busy and filled with different emotions from joy to sorrow.

Joy as my daughter celebrated her birthday and the parties that followed. Sorrow as my wife and I paid respect and reflected about my aunt. Seeing and hearing how horribly cancer affects people not only the person with the disease but those that are close makes you realize what really matters in life.

We have a tradition that we go out to eat on our birthdays and have them sing to us. My daughter wanted to go to Eat N Park which we all enjoy and this was the beginning of her birthday weekend. A wonderful dinner that my Goddaughter joined us for with her boyfriend. We had a present hidden and she loved it!

Visiting the funeral home was sad, someone so young taken away from a caring and loving family. She suffered so long with this destitute disease and her family watched her suffer. Hearing the stories of her life and seeing all that love her there to honor her and her family.

Later that evening my daughter had her friends over for a birthday party, a house filled with 2nd and 4th graders having fun playing and dancing. These sights brought a smile to our faces and we enjoyed a nice evening.

Then, on Sunday was day 3 of her party when our parents and sisters came over to have cake. We had a wonderful time celebrating my daughter’s birthday and kept my aunt and her family in our thoughts.

Rest In Peace Aunt Rose.