The past few months my Grandma has changed so much, watching her change like this is hard for everyone. She now stays in bed and sleeps most of the time. We all hate seeing her suffer and not being able to do anything. She is under hospice care and has a nurse see her more often.

Seeing the devotion and care my family is showing my Grandmother brings some peace. I hope we are able to help them also, my father and aunts and uncle are doing and have been doing everything to take care of her. They are setting such a wonderful example for us.

I think back to some great times we had, sleeping over her house as a child and walking with her to the local general store to get cookies. Spending time at “The Cottage”, a place her and my Grandfather had for the family to spend time together. Holding her hand and talking to her. Taking my children to see her and seeing her enjoy watching them play.

This year was very tough, we loss several relatives. Through all of this I am reminded that the most important thing in life is family. Family is who will truly be there for you. Family is not just the people related to you, family are the people who are connected to your heart. These are the people you want to keep close, they will be there for in when you need.

I want to always remember to keep family first.