Year In Review – 2011

Year In Review – 2011

This year was full of events, Savannah had a 24 hour EEG and we were told that she has a high risk for seizures and have to carry diastat with her now.

She had another surgery, tendon transfer, which put her in a wheel chair for about a month. She is a strong girl, we are blessed that her cerebral palsy is mild and the spaticity only affects her left leg. The surgery has helped and she is regularly in physical therapy. Gianna helped her sister so much, she wanted to take care of her and help her recover from the surgery. Savannah has a new brace to wear, which makes its difficult to find shoes that she likes, but we manage and sometimes buy two different sizes.

Gianna made several new friends and transitoned through 1st to 2nd grade, she really enjoys school and learning. Both her and Savannah are readers, they seem to want books a lot and read often to us. We are so proud of how they are doing in school.

I finished my treatment for liver disease and so far everything is looking great! No more weekly injections and fighting the exhaustion that is caused by the medicine.

We had a swimming pool put in late in the summer and everyone loves it. There was a cookout to break it in and are will be many more next summer.

We took our first trip to Disney World! We made a roadtrip out if it, driving about 900 miles each way to the magical kingdom where dreams come true.

We had so much fun, the drive was long but we took our time and stopped along the way to enjoy the trip. The kids where exceptionally good for being in a car for so long, we spent a day at Daytona Beach and then 4 days at Disney.

Savannah and Gianna loce their gymnastics class, Savannah switched to tumbling which is better for her leg and Gianna was promoted to pre-team.

This year we lost four wonderful people, sadness filled several months as we dealt with the passing of our grandparents.

Pappy Hays (July 17, 2011)

Grandma Hess(September 22, 2011)

Grandma Mary(November 28, 2011)

Nane(November 30, 2011)


Sadly, we Aunt Rose lost her battle with cancer this summer, she fought a long and hard fight. Uncle Jack was suddenly and unexpectedly taken way from us as well. This year we shed a lot of tears as we endured the pain of loss.

As we bring 2011 to a close, I think back of all the happiness and sadness of the year. I reflect on our family members that are no longer with us and also enjoy the time we have with all family and friends.

Christmas Season

Christmas Season


December started hard with the loss of Nane and Grandma Mary (actually this was the end if November). We had viewing for Nane in December and also laid her to rest. I am hoping that the rest of the month and 2011 are happy, I know it will be sad though not having Nane, Grandma Mary, Pappy Hays and Grandma Hess with us. We lost so many people we care about this year, we are ready for a good 2012. 

We bought this tree and waited for the kids to notice, it took them several minutes. I keep telling the kids we are not getting another tree and they ask my wife if I am serious. I actually wouldn’t mind if this is the only Christmas tree, but I doubt it, my kids are still young.

Christmas is a special time of year, we celebrate the birth of Jesus and show our love for each other. Family is the most important thing to me, I live for my family and work hard to give them everything I can. But, the most important thing I can give them is time.

Time playing. Time talking. Time praying. Just time to be together.
Life is very valuable and sadly short, I don’t want to miss a special moment with all of the people I love.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Thoughts of the day

Thoughts of the day

Today is going to be a tough day, it is the first viewing of Nane. My girls want to give Nane something, the decision is theirs. My wife and I will be next to the as they cope with the lost if their Great Nane. 
We have pictures ready to show people at the funeral home and three video tributes that will be presented Monday at the wake. I also put a special section on this site to dedicate to Nane. Assembling these videos and writing these posts is very helpful with dealing with loosing Nane and also memorializing.


Ann Rainaldi { 4/8/1922 – 11/30/2011 }

Ann Rainaldi { 4/8/1922 – 11/30/2011 }

My grandmother Ann Rainaldi, Nane passed away Wednesday at 8:30am. She was surrounded by family, which is so fitting. She was very family focused and with my late grandfather purchased The Cottage for the family to gather throughout the summer. We spent so much time with her at the cottage, my girls and loved to play there with her watchful eye enjoying seeing their happiness. She played with all of her great grandchildren and they are sad that she had to go. Even as she was sixk, once the children stepped infront of her she would smile.

Savannah wrote:
“My great nane used to go to the cocge in butler and we would play wateris and it was fun. I miss her but i am happy that she is not in pain.”

I am happy that my kids got to know Nane, she will be dearly missed and is forever loved and in our hearts. We must always remember the good and fun times that we had with her. Nane loved her kids, grandkids and great-greatkids as well as her friends which she had many.

As we mourn and remember the many good times, we are thankful that she is no longer in pain. I firmly believe she is with Pap, holding hands and watching upon us.

I will be posting some videos and photographes to share with all.

We love you Nane.