I have been gaining a better understanding of SCRUM lately and read the book “Scrum: a Breathtakingly Brief and Agile Introduction” and just loved the book. After reading through this short and concise book in a day I decided to purchase the more thorough “The Elements of SCRUM” by the same authors.

I read many of my books on the Kindle App on my iPad, it is convenient for me to carry around and I have a library of books at my finger tips. But, I can highlight and take notes on the book as I read it and they are available online. My highlights for this book at available and public for all to read.

All features should be put together in a phrase formatted as shown below.

As a <type of user>, I want to <do something>, so that <some value is created>.

A big take away for me from this book, there are actually many items that I took away but this one really stood out.

At the end of your sprint, you will be demonstrating working software or thy name is Mud.

Each sprint should have working software, my biggest question on this is what about early on in the project? I have many early sprints have a deliverable of documentation or other items that are common to the early part of the project.

I wanted to keep this short and to the point, I am currently reading the more thorough “The Elements of SCRUM” and will post my views on that and also things that I have learned.