I picked up another book on SCRUM by the same authors as I read and wrote about in this post. I finished “The Elements of Scrum” which is a more thorough exploration of the SCRUM framework. At work we have other departments that follow the SCRUM framework and have a great results. We are moving my group now towards the framework and I am working on implementing our structure of the framework. One of my key take aways from the book is below.

Collaboration between business people and developers should be like voting in Chicago: do it early and do it often!

I have been in the software development industry for well over 15 years now and have been involved i so many aspects of technology. I have seen many many projects slip and complete late and above budget. I have been good at enforcing our timelines in the past, which to be fear means you have to control scope creep. But you also have to have a team that is committed and dedicated to the project. I think this is where SCRUM and agile comes in and helps to make a difference.

A team is a group of skilled individuals functioning in sync to achieve a common goal.

I am moving our team to more of a agile scrum-based structured which is easy in the organization that I work because many of the values of SCRUM are closely aligned with our company’s values. I will be writing more posts as I learn and face various challenges.

Currently, I am schedule for a 2 day workshop with a goal of becoming a Certified Scrum Master by the end of March.

I have been gaining a better understanding of SCRUM lately and read the book “Scrum: a Breathtakingly Brief and Agile Introduction” and just loved the book. After reading through this short and concise book in a day I decided to purchase the more thorough “The Elements of SCRUM” by the same authors.

My notes and highlights (I have more highlights than notes) are available here.

I hope this series of posts on SCRUM and agile are useful, and I am working on building a network of people that also use scrum to further discuss and learn from. I am a believe that we learn constantly and never stop learning.