Flickr Update & Usuability

Flickr Update & Usuability

I have been a PRO Flickr user for several years now, I have dealt with the “ok” user experience that is provided because I have had faith in Flickr.

My faith is dropping rapidly, the new user experience is moving backwards and making things more difficult to navigate. The update itself appears to have been a new UI forced on top of the existing with all of the original hangups still there but now even harder to use.

One of my biggest compliants with Flickr is adding and editing tags to photos, I tag every photo I upload and I upload a lot of family photos to my account. To tag photos I have to use a third party tool FlickrStudio made for the iPad. I have been trying to add tags without Flickr Studio lately and it is so difficult and cumbersome. I had a lot of hope that with Marissa Mayer taking the lead at Yahoo that she would work to rebuild Yahoo and particularly Flickr to be the best photo sharing site on the web.

Sadly, I am serious wondering if I should move, I am considering moving to SmugMug who has the user experience right, the act of moving over 54,000 pics is not easy though, but I do have an offline backup thanks to Bulkr.

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