Hitachi Solutions CRM Conference 2014

Hitachi Solutions CRM Conference 2014

This past week I attended the 2014 CRM Conference hosted by Hitachi Solutions. They are a leading Microsoft Partner with Microsoft CRM software as well as SharePoint and Yammer.

I attended the conference with some very specific goals. We are currently using an older version of Microsoft CRM and need to upgrade. We are comparing both and Microsoft. Our technology organization is very based on the Microsoft stack as well as Oracle financials.  I have used and have a developer account on their platform, but needed more hands on for the Microsoft product. I also wanted to better understand how SharePoint and Yammer fit together with CRM.

The conference was three days and covered several different tracks, I attended some very good sessions and learned a lot from them. I have a couple key take a ways which I will write about specific in additional posts this week.

  • Have a solid vision statement and share it with everyone
  • Understand your business processes before you implement
  • CRM is the 360 degree of your clients; center of everything
  • Microsoft has tight integrations for CRM, SharePoint, Office and Yammer

Some of these may sound like they should have already been known, but the emphasis on these was well worth bringing them back home.