Month: October 2014

Trying Blogsy on an iPad Mini

I have used Blogsy before when I used an iPad, I moved away from the iPad and now ready to Rays back to it! A big part reason is the apps that are available for the iPad and Blogsy is one that I have really liked in the past so...

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My First Try at Speaking

Well, not really my first try, but my first really public speaking. I find it funny and like to bring it up that when I was in school I would NOT speak in front of the class, I would take a failing grade instead of speaking....

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CRM is a 360 Degree View of Clients

Center of Everything Customer Relationship Management, that is what a CRM tool is. This tool’s sole purpose is to be the full view of your clients, a 360 degree view. For any CRM to achieve this goal you must have the...

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