Last week’s conference with Hitachi Solutions had many great sessions as well as a lot of time to talk with other companies that are customers. This networking time I find vital to talk someone about how their implementation want, what road blocks they had and how they managed to overcome obstacles.

At the start of any project there should be a vision statement, this little piece of text is often overlooked and has very costly results in my opinion. Without a proper vision of what the intended goal is, others will operate on assumptions. Those assumptions may or may not match what the intention of the project was.

During my time at the conference I have found that I am not alone in not seeing vision statements on projects. This is a very common occurrence and sadly leads to  low user adoption as well as performance on the project.

A very clear vision statement should be established at the start of any project, not just a CRM project. This vision statement should be circulated from the highest part of the organization and shared with everyone. It should be a short “elevator pitch” that is at the tip of anyone’s tongue.

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