Center of Everything

Customer Relationship Management, that is what a CRM tool is. This tool’s sole purpose is to be the full view of your clients, a 360 degree view. For any CRM to achieve this goal you must have the buy-in from high level stakeholders, everyone must understand the vision and users must use it.

It’s actually a little funny, users don’t want to use a CRM if there is nothing there useful, but to make it useful users must use it and populate data in it. This is why buy-in is so important, buy-in helps with user adoption, once there is useful data, user adoption will gain and the full value of the CRM is visible.

A CRM tool is NOT just for sales and marketing, it is for anyone who interacts with your customers. There is information for anyone in your organization that interacts with a customer in the CRM, there is also information for staff that is building products/service, they can see what how a customer feels about the product/service.

A tech support call comes in and the tech support person sees that this customer is in the process of a large purchase, what does this tell the support person.

A sales person is going on a call and sees that this customer has been having a lot of issues with something. The sales person can then contact the support and work out the issues and walk in with information about the issue at hand which is proactive.

Think of collections, collections is calling a customer that is overdue, but first they check and see there are some implementation problems. How would you react to this collection call with this information.

Using the CRM as the center of everything provides so much value to the organization and to the client. This helps keep communication open and clear. Social CRM features also helps with monitoring social media for issues or questions.

Keep your CRM as the center of everything and make it work for you and you can reap the rewards and return on your investment.


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