I have built my career based on Microsoft technologies, I have furthered my career by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of other technologies and integrating them when needed.

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One session at the Hitachi conference that I was very excited about was “How Successful Organizations are Using the Power of Microsoft CRM with Yammer, SharePoint, Lync and the rest of the Office Productivity Suite“. A very big topic based on the title of the session and something that I expected receive a lot of value from.

Personally, I would have liked to see this topic go deeper than it did, I don’t think it lived up to the title. But, I did enjoy the session and did learn a lot.

SharePoint is tightly integrated with Dynamics CRM and has been that way since CRM 2011. You could use Dynamics CRM Online and still integrate with an on premise SharePoint environment. Files that are uploaded would then be uploaded to SharePoint Document Libraries and allow you to make full use of FAST Search.

Also, you can use Yammer (Microsoft Enterprise Social Platform) to “follow” accounts. So, you have have people on Yammer follow accounts without using a CRM license. Information that is shared about an account is then available to others in the organization regarding that account.

CRM has to drive the organization as well as the workflow of the organization. This is key as I mentioned in previous posts, Microsoft has built the platform of tools that seamlessly connect together with the organization’s already familiar Office Suite.

Hitachi, then added some more powerful integration between CRM and SharePoint providing for external facing SharePoint sites. Hitachi also developed a tool that will transparently migrate attachments from Exchange into a Document Library lowering the size of Exchange and email. Provide a central location for email attachments that can be shared around the organization as well as taking advantage of FAST Search yet again.

I was impressed with everything I heard, I would have liked to see more a of demo of these features to seal the deal.

I am curious if you have integrated CRM, SharePoint, Yammer and Office. What was your experience like?


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