I have used Blogsy before when I used an iPad, I moved away from the iPad and now ready to Rays back to it! A big part reason is the apps that are available for the iPad and Blogsy is one that I have really liked in the past so I installed it on my daughter’s iPad Mini.

I am using this post to try out Blogsy again, it’s been about a year since I used it and to try it on a Mini. Currently I have a Surface 2 RT 64G, I chose the RT version for the battery life and regret that decision. Shortly after I purchased Surface 2 the Surface 3 Pro came out, of course enough time passed that I couldn’t return it. 🙁

The value retention of the Surface is horrible in comparison to the iPads, so I am waiting more before I bite he bullet and take the lose. I leaning to the iPad Mini 3 with plans on eliminating my Kindle Paperwhite. Luckily my daughter wanted a Mini and received one so I have more time to play and make sure it fits my needs. More on this later…..

So , I am using an original iPad Mini with Blogsy and no external keyboard. Looks like Blogsy has keep up with this amazing product and usage is great. Typing without an external keyboard for a post like this is not great but that is NOT the fault if Blogsy.


Dragging a picture from my Flickr stream is still easier and fluid like on a full size iPad.

So is dragging from my Instagram. Great work to everyone at Blogsy

I really miss an external keyboard, I had one my iPad when I used it and could make due without one for mini.