I used to write a journal when I was in my twenties, I was going through some tough stuff in my life and decided to write my feelings and thoughts down. It was very helpful at the time, then I drifted away from it. The journal was since been destroyed, I would have loved to looked back to see what I wrote some twenty years ago. But, that is no longer possible.

Recently I decided to start journaling again, I have also been trying to get my daughters to do the same. I found an app DayOne that works on the iPhone, iPad and Mac which I really like. I don’t use the mac version but do it have it on the iPhone and iPad. I like to be able to write short thoughts throughout the day on my phone, sometimes I refer back later in the day and add more details. Sometimes I just take a picture and add some words about it. The journal is completely different that a blog, this blog or any blog you know and expect others to read. The journal I don’t expect others to read, well, maybe it will be read after I am gone as a sort of legacy left behind for my children. If I continue with this it could be something really nice for them to have to learn more about me.

Do any of your journal? If so how do you do it, electronic or on paper and if electronic what do you use? I really wanted to use something with Evernote but since I can lock/encrypt a notebook I left that alone. I use Evernote for my notes about everything in life and I share that with others a lot so that wasn’t the right platform. Day One though is very clean and inviting to write my thoughts. I would really like if there was a web based app or a Windows version available but it is what it is.