At the end of October I decided to start writing in a journal again, I used to write in a journal many years ago. I found it to be useful to collecting my thoughts and recording my feelings. Keeping a journal is something that I use to keep private thoughts with no intention of anyone else reading. As I thought through this though, I would like it to be read by family as a way of recording my legacy (grandkids and more). I would love to have something like this for my grandparents that I could share with my kids, or better yet my great-grandparents. Wow, that would be amazing to read what they wrote during different events in their life.

What peaked my interest again was “30-Day Digital Journaling Challenge” that I read about online and registered for. It provided prompts for 30 days and also a private group on Facebook to talk with others about journaling.

I decided to use Day One to write my journal entries, which is an iPhone app. I liked reading that I could journal in 140 characters or less if I wanted to and sometimes I did. I have my phone with me all the time and can very easily record different thoughts and events quickly. Sometimes, I just write a few words and then later use a full keyboard to write more details, sort of my own prompts to remind me about the events or feelings that occurred and I wanted to come back to.

I have been writing in my digital journal now for over 50 days, sometimes several entries per day. I also add pictures and other locations to my journal entries and “tag” entries so I can later review based on specific categories (work, kids, goals, etc.).

The Facebook group I mentioned above is a very friendly group of people who journal, you can ask for advice such as different apps to use if you don’t use an iPhone. Also, have good ideas for prompts and different uses of journaling.

Myself, I have found the DayOne app fits me perfect, I can use it on my iPad or iPhone, journal entries are synced up right away. One thing that is missing is a Windows app for DayOne, but there is a 3rd party app called Journaley that works with the DayOne files if you use DropBox syncing, if you want to use a Windows computer to write your entries. I find myself staying with my tablet or phone though and using an external Bluetooth keyboard.

Do you journal, what value do you get from it and what app do you use?