Scrum Master Rotation & Metrics Collection

Scrum Master Rotation

My team has implemented a Scrum Master rotation and just finished up the first 2 months of it. We had a retrospective dedicated just to this new process and had a lot of great feedback from it.

I found that it provided a whole different perspective on what we do and how we understand Scrum. But, I found that this also helped really protect the sprint with this rotation, we decided to make he rotation last 3 months and extended the current person another month. We also selected the next person that will take the duties of Scrum Master.

Metrics Collection

As part of this rotation we have started to break down our stories into tasks better, well actually to doing it. We haven’t been breaking them down to the  task level. I am one that likes to keep the stories very small which could make it harder for tasks, but love the idea of having the tasks written and thought it. It provide much better understanding of the story and helps with commitments that are made.

When breaking down our stories we are not trying to estimate hours on the tasks and log hours against the tasks for daily tracking. This is now looked at during daily stand up meetings. The idea is that we can learn more about our points by looking at the actual hours that it takes to do the work. Also, it the metrics could be used to show resource gaps that we have.

Do you collect metrics other than story points during your sprints? Do you use them in your daily stand-ups? How do you break tasks down. I would love to hear from you how how your scrum works. Have you ever rotated the Scrum Master role?



I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and have the accent to prove it! I left Pittsburgh back in ’99 and rushed back home to be where my heart belongs. People all over are trying to live more healthy, even here in the Burgh where we have fries ON our sandwiches!

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I came across the community called Fittburgh and just loved the idea. I have been trying to live a more healthy lifestyle for a few years now. My age as caught up with me and my metabolism no longer will let me eat anything I want and still be thin. I have started  work on it, but  haven’t been succeeding lately.

I started practicing yoga in December and have been wearing a Fitbit for several years. I always joke that is shows how lazy I am. Well, now with the help of Fittsburgh and my yoga practice at Urban Prana Yoga I am going to succeed at changing my lifestyle. Join me on my journey through life here, not only about my weight loss and fitness challenges and successes.

Let’s help Fittsburgh promote Pittsburgh as a fitness and healthy community, they can do it, WE CAN DO IT!

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Join Me in the 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Join Me in the 30 Day Yoga Challenge

In December, I started practicing yoga with the goal of starting to exercise and to find a way to manage stress. Now, over a month later I am practicing at the studio at least 3 times a week and in January I am participating in a yoga challenge.


Urban Prana Yoga has the challenge on their site, the post is linked below with the different poses involved in the daily challenge.


Many of these poses are not easy for me, well, they are actually very hard for me. But, I am trying. I will do one pose each day for the month of January, if I have to modify the pose I will but I will push my comfort zone and try to accomplish this.

Would you like to join me? Tag your picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #UPYChallenge and join us.

If you are from Pittsburgh add the tag #Fittsburgh to it and let’s make Pittsburgh a healthy community.