Remembering Aunt Ginny

Remembering Aunt Ginny

This past week I was shocked to get a call that my Aunt Ginny passed. She is my Godmother and was such a fun woman. She enjoyed life and handled some very tough times.

Today, my family will come together to celebrate her life and mourn her not being with us here. I have shared some great times with her and will cherish those times in my heart always.

She is now at peace. I love you Aunt Ginny.

Rest In Peace.

Back On DayOne

Back On DayOne

Last week I tried to switch to a different app for journaling, the main reason was the availabilty of a web application. I wanted to be able to record my thoughts on Windows as well as my Apple devices.

Honestly, it didn’t take me long to to return to Day One.

I feel that the user experience in Day One is just so comfortable and clean, it makes journaling easy in just about any environment. I can quickly record small text like a Tweet and save it. I can return later and add more detail in the entry using the small text as a trigger for myself.

I still feel that DayOne needs a web application to interact with, DayOne is available on iOS and Mac, but not on Windows. I use an iPhone and an iPad but I use Windows for everything else. Luckily I can use the iPad for longer journal entries or an Bluetooth keyboard for my phone. But a web app that can be used on my computer would make Day One a slam dunk.

I have been journaling every day since the end of November 2014 now with Day One. I have not missed one day, sometimes the journal entries are very small, but every day I record something. It feels good to reflect a little on the day and write.

Do you journal? If so what do you use for journal, electronic or paper?