Rest In Peace Uncle Ray

Rest In Peace Uncle Ray

It seems there has been so much loss in the family lately. Uncle Ray, passed yesterday after battling cancer for a long time. He fought a great battle. I have many great memories of him, we are a very close family and spend a lot of time together. Summers, just about every weekend we are at our cottage. There, we work hard and have a lot of fun together.

This summer will be very strange without Uncle Ray there. I always enjoyed talking to him about all kinds of stuff. We talked about Savannah’s cerebral palsy, we talked about politics and current events. He was a very good father and family man.

Uncle Ray painting at the cottage with Blaze by his side.

As we prepare for his visitations and burial we are remembering his life. I will be working on a memorial video to share with the family. My Aunt, his sons (my cousins) and other family members will be providing me with pictures to use.

Always remember that you don’t know when you won’t see a person again. Each day of life is a gift and you should treat it that way.

Rest in Peace Uncle Ray, we will miss you and love you always.