I really enjoy “Take Your Daughters & Sons to Work Day“, each year it is a wonderful time to share what you do with your children and others. I am lucky that I work for a company that specializes in employer development and we modify some of our courses to fit children each year.

The national theme this year was #MPOWR – empowerment and we have several courses that focus on empowerment as well as books. Nearly 50 children attended the event this year and we had speakers lined up to talk and teach courses and of course lead fun activities.

Both of my daughters attended again this year, they are always excited about this event. They like to see where I work and who I work with. Then they also make some friends with other children there that they see during other company events.


This year we had our new CEO, Tacy Byham, kick off the day and she brought such engagement to the children and got them energized. Then our social media specialist talked to the children about social media and took a wonderful giant selfie!

We structure the day so that it has a mix of education and fun, there is time for the children to spend with their parents at work also. Below, is the agenda that we had this year. I am honored to be on the team that works on this event each year.

I think this time is very valuable for all kids, I encourage my kids to come and see what really happens at work and also to learn some valuable skills that they can take with them and use. Our courses are on team building, leadership, empowerment to name a few.

Until next year…