Month: May 2015

An Activist

I never would have imagined someone referring to me as an activist. But, it happened. In the Post Gazette article below. A parent activist who has served as a watchdog during the past year has tossed his hat into the ring for a seat on the Baldwin-Whitehall school board.Read more The campaign is over and I won the primary, so my name will be on the ballot in the general election for school board. This has been a very unique experience for me, I have learned a lot over the past few months. I started this because I felt something was wrong. My motivation has stayed strong as I have observed what was going on and from my dicussions with others in the community. I joined with a team of respected and like minded people for form our ticket of Lets Rebuild BW. Each one of us will now be on the ballot in the general election. I am so honored that the community contributed to the campaign making this campaign a public movement, in my opinion. That just touched me more than I can express. To think that so many people reached into their pockets to help make this campaign a reality is just surreal. Now, I have to wait for the general election. As I wait I will continue to attend and monitor the...

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Regular Feedback

Regular feedback is a key compont of Agile and also of the values of the company I work for. Feedback needs to be specific, timely and balanced as described in Your First Leadership Job. I believe in this completely, sometimes it is very hard to do. Today, I published a 5 question survey on a high volume site I manage to collect feedback for the future of the site. I wanted to collect some basic feedback as I prepare to re-launch the site after the 2015 primary election. I am on the ballot for a school director and the re-launch will be themed based on the results of the election. I have been very vocal about transparency and involving the public. Using the survey I can build a score card about the site and hopefully make it better. Afterall, that is really what regular feedback is about, making something better.   Posted with...

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