Amber … We Love You

Amber … We Love You

18700358348_e179a4a757_oMy family is still in shock and can’t believe that we will not be able to see Amber again in this world. I know I just want to hear her again.. “Uncle Lou”, those words filled my heart with joy. We always said I Love You have each time we talked and hugged.


Below is the eulogy that was given by one of Amber’s Grandfather’s. Beautiful spoken and written.





Reading For Amber (Gia)

Reading For Amber (Gia)

Below, is what my Gianna wrote and then stood and delivered to everyone at Amber’s service last Sunday. Savannah stood up at the podium to read a scripture with her Aunt Nina (Amber’s Mom). I am so proud of all of them.


Amber was like a sister to me. We had so much fun together with gymnastics competitions to dancing. I lover her so much. I loved how we were close cousins. And I will always remember all the fun we had. I am gonna miss her alot. And for everyone in this room to remember that she is looking down at us. One more thing in heave she is with Blaze who she would dress up with him and get a picture taken.

Project: Food Budget – Week 1

Project: Food Budget – Week 1

I am excited to participate again in Project: Food Budget. This will be the second time I participated and this is a perfect time for it. As a family, my wife and I sat down with our daughters to write out a menu and then to put together the grocery list together. Our idea is that our girls will prepare at least 2 meals a week (1 each) and that they are involved more in the menu planning.

Emily wrote a great eBook “Eat More, Spend Less” that provides great ideas for food budgeting and some tools that are very useful.

The goals that we have set for our family are as follows:

1) To eat more healthy meals

2) Bring kids into menu planning and hopefully have them experiment on new foods

3) Eat out less

Every week, I will post an update on how we are doing with our budget. This first week was little high because of some of the basic staples that we needed to restock. Our first step is to commit to meal planning every Sunday with our girls and shop from the menu. Then we will monitor how much we spend and see how we can lower our weekly food cost.


So, with that. Here is our week 1 menu:

Monday – Spaghetti & Meatballs

TuesdaySalisbury Steak

Wednesday – Chicken Breast

Thursday – Post Roast

Friday – Breakfast for dinner (eggs, sausage, bacon, home fries)

Spent: $270 (had to restock some basic staples) Saturday we will be at Slide The City! and Sunday we we use up leftovers.

Thanks for reading, here are some other blogs that are participating in Project: Food Budget. Do you want to join?



2015 Community Day Fun

2015 Community Day Fun

We had a lot of fun at Community Day this past weekend. All of use looked forward to trying the mobile zip line and it was a BLAST!

I enjoy these events, walking around and talking to our neighbors and having fun activities for the kids to participate in. We watch the shows that are planned and leave happy (and with full bellies).



My daughter Gianna wore the GoPro  this weekend, enjoy the point of view as she climbs the rock mount and then holds on tight on the zip line.