Month: October 2015

I Am the Face of Addiction

Watch this powerful video, “I Am the Face of Addiction”. This horrible epidemic is taking to many lives from us. We need to understand that people who are addicted need love, their families need love. There was a story on WPXI this weekend that really upset me, “Some first responders argue Narcan gives opiate users false sense of security“. I feel that this story casts a negative spin on a horrible epidemic that is sweeping our nation and our local communities. I support first responders completely, the situations that they have to deal with are unimaginable and they save lives. I just feel that this story should have received comments from people with an understanding of addiction. Narcan will NOT be a safety net for people. People that are in this level of addiction are NOT just out there getting high. They are people who are trying to get a normal feeling that addiction takes away. When a person is administered Narcan, they are immediately put into a detox mode or “dope sick“,  which prevents many people from ever getting clean. Narcan is NOT a cure to addiction, Narcan is a way to save lives from an overdose. This should be one step in addressing the overdose epidemic, recovery must follow and sadly the person must be ready for recovery. I am NOT an addiction specialist. I would have preferred to see this...

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Facing Addiction – Enough is Enough!

This fact is staggering! Every 4 minute someone dies from addiction. Every 13 minutes someone’s child dies from an overdose. This horrible epidemic is a health crisis that is getting attention today of the leaders of our country. The Surgeon General today announce a Surgeon General’s report on addiction and leaders made it know that they will work with us to change the country. Four months ago today we lost a beautiful young lady. She was struggling to get clean and fight this horrible demon called addiction. She slipped and it was her last time. The calls begin early in the morning on June 4th 2015. I collasped at work from shock. Reaching deep inside for the strength to do what had to done I got up and went to my sister (Amber’s mom). My sister cried and called for help. My wife was in a meeting at school for my daughter when I interupted her meeting. Our girls were pulled from class crying, Amber was more of a sister than a cousin. Amber’s grandparents cried and struggled to believe this horrible new reality. Addiction is very real. This year, 2015, has had so much deaths from addiction that it is now a horrible health crisis. Every 13 minute’s someone loses a child to an overdose. Every 4 mintues someone dies from addiction. Addiction is a family disease, it...

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