22562314266_dba26950ec_kAll Day Breakfast isn’t something new, but last Month it became part of the McDonald’s menu. You can now order your Egg McMuffins any time of day and it will be served up to you.

My wife and I received an invitation to an event that took us behind the counter at a local Pittsburgh McDonald’s. We toured the restaurant while it was open and serving food. Witnessing first hand the stringent rules in regards to cleanliness that McDonald’s mandates for their employees. Working with food we expect that washing hands is happening and McDonald’s does also.

So, Egg McMuffin…

The Egg McMuffin was introducing through McDonald’s in 1972 and was a huge success. During the tour, one thing stood out to me and I don’t know if it is just me but I was shocked when I saw cases of real eggs! I didn’t expect to see real eggs in McDonald’s but that is how they make Egg McMuffins, they start with a real egg.

21965167274_ee22629999_kWe watched, well really one of us actually made the Egg McMuffin. The egg was cracked into a special grill with six circle cylinders, the yolk was pinched and grill closed. Water was poured on in a container built into the grill to help poach the egg. Two minutes later a perfectly formed round egg was ready for building an Egg McMuffin. McDonald’s uses 2 billion USDA eggs a year, they working towards all cage free eggs within 10 years. Other egg products are supplied in liquid form, still starting with a real egg not imitation.

I would like to know, have you tried McDonald’s All Day Breakfast yet? Please let me know, I will be trying it again soon.

FULL DISCLOSURE: In the interest of full disclosure my wife and I both where provided complimentary meals at this event.