Changing your lifestyle is very hard, it takes a lot of commitment and continual review. I have been trying to lose weight like many other people for a long time. Over the past month I begin to log my food again, this time using LoseIt. The web app and phone app are both very easy to use and provide great information about what you are doing. I will talk more about the tool in a later post, but I did pay for the premium edition for year.
I like to log my food and monitor my calories and what I eat. This keeps me mindful of what I am putting into my system and also keep me accountable to myself. I can see what I am doing wrong, what my weak points are and work on developing them.
I have owned a Fitbit since 2011 and have worn it and joked that it shows me how lazy I am. Since I restarted my goal to get healthy I have increased my activity level, trying very hard to meet my 7,000 step goal every day and trying to make it to 10,000 a day. Achieving 10,000 a day is hard with my having a job where I sit all day, but I go out and walk at lunch almost every day and try to walk a lot.
Below is the best I have been with my activity in a long time, I will be increasing my goal after I maintain this goal for a few more weeks.
How do you stay healthy and active. I was a coach potatoe for so long and need to change this for my health and to be a better role model for my children. Changing my eating patterns and increasing my activity are a great way to start.