This morning I weighed in and realized I beat my first goal! Next week is Thanksgiving and I will splurge a little but still be mindful of what I am consuming. I will also still log everything I eat to keep myself mindful.

I have been struggling with my weight for several years now and have tried different strategies. My most successful is always counting calories. Just being mindful of what I am eating and drinking, knowing and thinking about what I am consuming. I try to avoid foods that are not healthy and go for foods that will help with my weight loss.

Last month I decided to try the app LoseIt to help me monitor my food. I purchased the premium service after thinking about the comparison to other weight loss programs I have tried and paid for. I have the LoseIt app on my phone and connected with my Fitbit.

Before I signed up for LoseIt I also decided to increase my walking and work on reaching my step goal. Lunchtime at work invovles a light lunch and a walk. I walk with a group of people and we are averaging 2 miles each day. The walk is not slow but not speed walking, we can talk but still walk briskly. We have some inclines to make us work and the group keeps us all going and pushing each other.

The combination of increased activity and mindful eating with the help of LoseIt has helped me achieve my first goal. I have set my goals to be milestones that are achievable and then I set a new goal to work towards. As you see see from the “Insights” chart, I am keeping a deficit of calories throughout this month.

I have now set a new goal to lose another 10 pounds. I have also increased my step goal by 1,000 to 8,000. I know I should be getting 10,000 steps a day but I am a computer programmer and sit a lot at work. I want to make the goals achievable but still work to get them. Now that it is colder this goal will also be more work as I walk outside and not on a treadmill.


The following two charts from the Insights option in LoseIt show my calories that I am consuming and the calories that I am earning with my activity. This combination is what is making it possible.

My long term goal is to get to a healthy weight and lead a better lifestyle with healthy eating and activity.