I have been trying to change my lifestyle since October 19, 2015. I am proud of how I am progressing. I am currently down 26 pounds and am still working on another 20 pounds. It has been very hard at times, I started this during the holiday season and was surprised at how well I did.


I purchased LoseIt Premium and installed it on my phone. I use it daily to log 11624435666_1cf54451f8_keverything that I eat. Mindful eating. Knowing what you are eating and not just eating all the time without thinking about it. Mindfulness, being in the moment is very important to changing your lifestyle. I find that logging my food and being mindful helps me stay on track. As you can see from the picture I was not always mindful. I struggle with overeating and binge eating. LoseIt has been helping me control this by logging my intake and being mindful of what I consume.

I have been saying “change my lifestyle“. This is important because I don’t just want to go on a diet. I want to change how I am living and maintain the goals that I achieve.

I was excited to see that LoseIt has released a new feature to this site/program. It’s call “The How“.


The How provides meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, workouts and actionable advice to fuel your transformation. As an official member of the Premium Club you automatically receive exclusive access to new guided content right in your Lose It! app.

I switched from Weight Watchers to LoseIt. The pricing is much better and the technology is AMAZING. LoseIt has a nice community that I can access anytime and now they have “The How“.

To help me continue and hopefully help others change their lifestyle I am going to write regular posts on my journey. I will start with my use of “The How” and give you my thoughts on it. I will also write about behaviors that I am changing or trying to change and how they are working for me.