I weigh in twice a week. When I weighed in this week and reached an all time low for me! I am so excited and proud.


I am actually “.1” away from my goal. I am calling it met!

I started my journey in November with the purchase of Loseit Premium. I log everything that I eat. I walk as much as I can. Mindfulness is the key. I watch what I consume, making me think about my food. I was ready to binge this week and held off. I ate some fresh fruit and vegetables instead.

Last Sunday I joined The Gym, a local gym that is close. I have been trying to get there every day and walk 2 miles on the treadmill. I missed one day so far which was unavoidable. I am changing my lifestyle, not going on a diet. I slip sometimes but now my slips are NOT full binges, like I used to do. I am eating less and have increased my activity level.

Since The How was released on LoseIt, I read it regularly and learn new tips and menu ideas. I have found some very good recipes, two of them pictured below. I bought the groceries last week but we modified the recipes and made some very good and healthy meals.

weekly-menu-400-calories-I am watching my carbs. I am eating a lot more vegetables (FIBER) and lean protein.





I will be adjusting my goal to my fourth goal, which is another 10 pounds. I find that setting small achievable goals is very helpful. Each ten pounds I celebrate how I am doing.

Join me on my journey as I continue towards my final goal of a total loss of 50 pounds. But, the important part of the goal is maintenance. I am changing my lifestyle and LoseIt and The Gym are key parts of my change.