We Need To Do More

Last year it was 129 a day that we lost from overdose, this year it is 144 a day.

144 A Day

We have to do more. We have to take action and speak out and help people. We have to find ways to help people even when they are NOT ready. We have to make them ready.

I watched a video on Facebook this morning that really touches this point. There are so many people suffering with addiction and a small percentage are in recovery. How can we lower the amount that die from overdose. How can we help loved ones that know the nightmare of addiction.

We have to think differently, the current approach is NOT working. I don’t have the answers, I wish I did. But, I do believe that there are many people with the heart, passionate and SHINE that are willing to help and make a difference.

I have spoke about my goals and I still believe they can make a difference. Think of the random acts of kindness, simple things that everyone can do.

  • End the stigma with addiction and overdose
  • Educate people on the epidemic and this health crisis
  • Celebrate recovery

I would like to see more programs in schools. I would like to see more strong relationships based on love and caring. People who want to help others and are willing to work together.

Are you willing to help?

Below are some links to sites I go to often and people that I know.


  1. Thank you for mentioning Reality Tour, a program that educates parent and child together. If not for the Parent Movement in 70’s
    (http://sites.uci.edu/transscripts/files/2014/10/2013_03_15.pdf) We could have experienced this epidemic decades earlier. It is a long read, but fascinating. The reasons the Parent Movement started was to combat marijuana use by youth. They are the SAME issues we face today: Parent’s feel powerless, drugs are accessible and accepted by a portion of society, schools largely failed to acknowledge the problem, agencies that are supposed to help don’t have the answer. Another study shows the focus on substance abuse is cyclical -switching from help for the addict to prevention for the next generation – never effectively merging the two.

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