Create Your TV 2.0 Show With

Live streaming has so much to offer and is really taking off. Now, with so many more innovative technologies like you can live stream and have a strong interaction with your audience. I have been using for over a month now and have found the platform to be easy and powerful. BeLive provides a way of streaming from BeLive to Facebook Live and enhancement the stream with wonderful features from BeLive.

  • Have up to three (3) people online at a time (with Talk Show Format)
  • Have up to ten (10) people in the lobby waiting to go live on the show (with Talk Show Format)
  • Screen sharing (limited availability on Talk Show Format)
  • Show Facebook comments during the stream and interact with people (all formats)
  • Stream to Facebook personal timeline, page, group and events (all formats)
  • Very responsive support team
  • Highly interactive user group

The BeLivers Facebook Group is the place to be to learn about streaming and also BeLive. It is also a community of people who are willing to help and learn and teach each other. Yes, a community, that is what I think of it. I have made some good friends on the BeLivers group and we help each other.