Yesterday, my children, both teenagers asked a lot about net neutrality.  I was explaining what it is and what it means. It was interesting as a parent to see them question a policy and government action. Watching them grow is very difficult and also exciting.

Below is a tweet that sums up net neutrality very well in the short Tweet form.

The Internet has created many industries and continues to do so. Innovations that where science fiction are now a reality.

Like Chris’s Tweet above, net neutrality prevented internet service providers (ISP’s) from controlling the bandwidth and types of services offered by content providers. What this means is that if an ISP decide they don’t to offer video over their network they can block or it limit how much video will be provided. This provides a way of preventing new innovations from being advanced if they use up more bandwidth or any other reason the ISP decides.

The main purpose of net neutrality is that the service provide (Internet provider) can NOT limit or block any type of legal service or content. This doesn’t prevent the provider from limit the amount of bandwidth providing but does prevent the provider from limiting bandwidth based on the type of service provide or the content provider.

There are a lot of memes spreading saying that people will pay for each Tweet or Facebook post. This is not entirely accurate, but the point that is trying to be made is that an ISP can decide to put limits on tweets sent. The provider could create an additional costly layer of the internet service to charge more for Netflix access because it streams video. The provider could create an additional more costly layer to use video live streaming services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer.

This is the basic idea of net neutrality. This could limit more advances in the use of the Internet. We are now seeing virtual reality services which would use more bandwidth, by setting a limit on how much a person could use this technology at a reasonable cost would prevent the technology from advancing.

Net neutrality needs to be maintained so we can continue to innovate and build new industries and services that can be used for commercial or personal uses.

We must be heard and have this ruling overturned.