Yoga, My First Try

I have heard of Yoga and have wanted to try it for a while. I read about how Yoga incorporates mediation and breathing and feel that is something that will bring a lot of value to me.

So, today I signed up and tried my first Yoga class. Yoga Basics, this morning at 9, perfect time for me. I didn’t know what to expect as I drove to the studio, will I be the only man there? Preparing for the class I read some articles online and watched some videos on YouTube. I watched an interview with Quentin Vennie and then found the article quoted below by him.

There are many benefits in maintaining a consistent yoga practice. Yoga has been shown to relieve stress, enhance mental focus, improve posture, improve mood and increase flexibility. With all of the life changing advantages of yoga, there is one question that remains: Where are all of the male yogis?

Read more:

Breathing is so important, I know this, I am sure you know this also. This is another article I read prior to attending my first class.

Scott Rodwin, founder of Radiance Yoga, explains that breathing exercises, called pranayama, have been developed over thousands of years to calm and tame that endless stream of thoughts. – See more at:

So, I attended the Yoga Basics class at Urban Prana Yoga in Brentwood. First, I was NOT the only man. I was welcomed in by a very friendly and informative teacher. The other people in the class where also very welcoming, which made the experience that much better.

The class itself was a little difficult for me, I am overweight and a “couch potato”. I really enjoyed the time to myself, I was in a room of people but still felt a sense of peace in the room. The soft lighting and music helped with that, I listened to the teacher and tried to do the poses that she instructed. Some I did, some I couldn’t. But, she was very helpful in making sure I knew other poses that I could do and making the experience very enjoyable.

I worked up a sweat and really felt at ease throughout the class. I came home and told my wife about the class and that I am looking forward to attending more.

Private Journal with DayOne

I used to write a journal when I was in my twenties, I was going through some tough stuff in my life and decided to write my feelings and thoughts down. It was very helpful at the time, then I drifted away from it. The journal was since been destroyed, I would have loved to looked back to see what I wrote some twenty years ago. But, that is no longer possible.

Recently I decided to start journaling again, I have also been trying to get my daughters to do the same. I found an app DayOne that works on the iPhone, iPad and Mac which I really like. I don’t use the mac version but do it have it on the iPhone and iPad. I like to be able to write short thoughts throughout the day on my phone, sometimes I refer back later in the day and add more details. Sometimes I just take a picture and add some words about it. The journal is completely different that a blog, this blog or any blog you know and expect others to read. The journal I don’t expect others to read, well, maybe it will be read after I am gone as a sort of legacy left behind for my children. If I continue with this it could be something really nice for them to have to learn more about me.

Do any of your journal? If so how do you do it, electronic or on paper and if electronic what do you use? I really wanted to use something with Evernote but since I can lock/encrypt a notebook I left that alone. I use Evernote for my notes about everything in life and I share that with others a lot so that wasn’t the right platform. Day One though is very clean and inviting to write my thoughts. I would really like if there was a web based app or a Windows version available but it is what it is.

Single Site

I have been thinking about this for a while and have decided that I am going to migrate from the sites I have to just one single site. This site will be my main site to use.

I am going to work on refocusing the vision of the site and then organize my categories based on my content better. This site was always just for my technical career, but will now just be a place for me to write about anything. I guess that will be part of my vision.

So for now, I will start migrating the posts over.

Flickr Update & Usuability

I have been a PRO Flickr user for several years now, I have dealt with the “ok” user experience that is provided because I have had faith in Flickr.

My faith is dropping rapidly, the new user experience is moving backwards and making things more difficult to navigate. The update itself appears to have been a new UI forced on top of the existing with all of the original hangups still there but now even harder to use.

One of my biggest compliants with Flickr is adding and editing tags to photos, I tag every photo I upload and I upload a lot of family photos to my account. To tag photos I have to use a third party tool FlickrStudio made for the iPad. I have been trying to add tags without Flickr Studio lately and it is so difficult and cumbersome. I had a lot of hope that with Marissa Mayer taking the lead at Yahoo that she would work to rebuild Yahoo and particularly Flickr to be the best photo sharing site on the web.

Sadly, I am serious wondering if I should move, I am considering moving to SmugMug who has the user experience right, the act of moving over 54,000 pics is not easy though, but I do have an offline backup thanks to Bulkr.

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Flickr Update & Usuability



East Coast Earthquake, did you evacuate?

Having experienced the first earthquake in my life and the first felt in Pittsburgh in over a century, I am rethinking are reactions.

Walking back to my office and seeing a coworker concerned and asking if anyone else felt the earthquake. A 5.8 at the epicenter in Virginia, an earthquake hasn’t occurred at this size on the East Coast in 114 years.

I was in an office building in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, downtown Pittsburgh evacuated buildings and some in the South Hills. My afterthoughts now, should we have evacuated? Many of us talked about it at the office but didn’t leave the building, was this the right thing to do? Are we to focused on work and not on safety procedures? I am not being critical of anyone, just rethinking if what I did was correct. I would love to have a discussion about this and see what others on the East Coast feel about this.

My first Earthquake in Pittsburgh

Today in Pittsburgh was the first Earthquake that I been through, but I didn’t feel it. A coworker felt it and looked very shocked and concerned. I was not sure what was going on and was continuing with my work, but had to check the the social media networks to see what was going on. It took some time and then the news media started to report, glad we have social media to get information around.

To read details look at:

5.9 magnitude quake rattles Pittsburgh.

Did Anyone Else Just Feel That Earthquake?

Facebook and Twitter where alive with chatter regarding the earthquake and checking if anyone else felt anything.

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