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Ramblings of Today

I have been thinking a lot of what to do with this site and my social media presence. I am very active on social media, last week I decided to take a break from Facebook. With the election and inauguration the negativity that is...

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Using Evernote For Blogging

I have been using Evernote for a long time. I have my notes available on all of my devices. I even take pictures of hand written notes and add them to Evernote. Today though, I want to talk about how I use Evernote for blogging....

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Blogging – Why I Do What I Do

I wrote a post on the question “What I do what I do?“. I received¬†some feedback that I thought was very good,¬†“that is a big topic!”. I agree and thought let’s take this topic and think about...

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Regular Feedback

Regular feedback is a key compont of Agile and also of the values of the company I work for. Feedback needs to be specific, timely and balanced as described in Your First Leadership Job. I believe in this completely, sometimes...

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Welcoming 2015

Last year, I started #LouLoss and well didn’t do as good as I wanted. I tried several different diets and had a lot of ups and downs throughout the year. But, overall I did show a weight loss of 7.2 pounds through the...

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Pittsburgh Blogger Facebook Group

Emily over at emilylevenson.com created a new Facebook group for Pittsburgh Bloggers, I joined the group right away. Those who do not know her, she also create Project: Food Budget which I have participate in for helping to...

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